Phyen selected for a CentroAdapt Ignition Grant

Phyen announces that it has been selected for a CentroAdapt Ignition Grant with its SUNFLOWER project.

CentroAdapt, Center for Adaptation to Climate Change, is a project led by the University of Coimbra, which aims to establish an open and inclusive innovation platform to incorporate the necessary skills to efficiently and effectively transfer scientific and technological knowledge among the R&D entities and business system, with the potential to enhance the adaptability to climate change.

The SUNFLOWER project, starting on June 18, 2018, will last one year and counts with the collaboration of ADAI, Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics. This project aims to challenge the paradigm of solar thermal collectors and to propose an evolutionary step in the design of solar collectors with the objective multiple of maximising the capture of energy from renewable sources (incident solar radiation) and to minimise the resistance to the flow of water heated by That. It aims to improve its performance, open the technological development of these systems of capture and use of solar energy to new and different configurations and geometries. Finally, to be a disruptive stimulus in the renewal of the market of solar collectors with the potential level of internationalisation.


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Phyen is redesigning flow systems through nature's optimization laws to further develop product efficiency in a ravishing new way.

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